Website plans

If you have a small company, laboratory or project and you do not want to worry about the creation or maintenance of a website, you can rely on us. You only need the content (although we can also work on that), we do the rest for a very reasonable price. We can get your domain, create your website or even host it. You can contract us for a single issue or use our plan “All In One” for a full package:

“All In One” plan
Standard domains (.com, .es, etc), DNS services, private registration
€ 19/year
Site creation
Website in WordPress (10 pages), free theme, 5 email accounts (webmail included), 1 year full maintenance*
€ 850/year
1 GB storage, 25 MB database (1 database), 2GB emails (5 email accounts)
€ 150/year
Offer for the full package
€ 925/year

* We will in charge of any change of your website content during the first year (1st month, 10 content additions, next 11 months, 5 additions/month), email management (association with Outlook or Thunderbird, redirections, spam control,…).